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5 Reasons Why your Site Should be Running HTTPS

Nov 1, 2017 | Website Security

Setting up a SSL Certificate for your website is something every website owner should look into. Read below for our top reasons for running HTTPS on your website as soon as possible:

1. Safety and Security

SSL certificates (the reason your site displays HTTPS), provide an extra layer of protection and security for visitors to your website. They encrypt the data exchanged to prevent data corruption and eavesdropping, and ensure that your visitor is only communicating with the intended website.

You can read our post on SSL and the different types of certificates here.


2. You’ll get a stronger ranking on Google

Google has announced that they will be using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Running HTTPS on your website will by no means shoot you to the top of the first page, but it will be an important part of strengthening your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.


3. Google has announced they will be marking sites not using HTTPS as “non-secure”

Another announcement from Google: They will eventually be marking all pages not running HTTPS as “non-secure”.  They intend to roll out this policy in gradual steps. They began in January 2017 with pages with password or credit card form fields. The eventual plan is to label all HTTP pages as non-secure and change the HTTP security indicator to a red triangle.

Previously, the indicator of a site not using a SSL certificate was neutral, and still is in most cases, up until the final roll-out of Google’s plan for a secure web. When Google does complete their plan for marking the sites using HTTP specifically as Not Secure this can have an impact on your visitors frame of mind and their trust in your site, and potentially, your business.


4. Peace of mind for your websites visitors

Following on from our previous reason, your visitors trust in your website is imperative. Even if you don’t have an online store, or require a login on your website, that little green padlock and the word ‘Secure’ can add legitimacy to your site.


5. It can be free!

Yup, no need to spend a cent on getting and setting up SSL and HTTPS. Let’s Encrypt provides free DV SSL certificates, and there’s a good chance there’s already one set up on your web server! Check out our post on Let’s Encrypt and the different types of SSL certificates.

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