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Why You Should Be Using an HTML Email Signature

Mar 22, 2018 | Resources

An HTML email signature can be a very useful and important part of your branding. Below we’ve listed the top reasons why you should be using an HTML email signature, rather than a single image.

It’s always visible!

Most email clients will hide images in the body of an email unless the recipient explicitly chooses to show images. This means your signature, and all of the useful information contained within, is quite likely not even showing up!

HTML email signatures are a combination of text and images, so even if your logo or social media icons are not being downloaded by the recipient’s mail client, the important information such as your name and contact details will still show up.


Multiple links

You may want to link to your website, Linkedin profile, other social media profiles, or even create a link that opens up a new email window with your address already entered in the ‘To:’ field. It is impossible to create multiple links in a single image, and may even lead to confusion when the recipient clicks on the Facebook icon and is instead taken to your website.

Creating a link for each profile or purpose is a breeze when you’re using an HTML signature, and allows the recipient to navigate to exactly where they want to go.


Modular Design

By their nature, HTML email signatures are easy to add to. Let’s say you’re running a competition and want to add a link to your competition landing page, or you’re going on leave and want to add a notice that you will be out of office between certain dates to give your clients a heads up.

We also know that this important information you add will be visible, whether your images are showing in your recipient’s mailbox or not!


Not being marked as spam

A well-designed email signature will have a good text-to-image ratio, meaning your email will be less likely to be flagged as spam due to high image content.


It fails gracefully

Different email clients handle HTML and CSS differently, so your HTML email signature won’t always show up on the other end looking exactly as you sent it. For example, some email clients will highlight links in blue and add an underline. Designing the signature well and with best practices in mind means that even if there are some minor failures, your information will still be represented clearly and cleanly, rather than just not showing up at all when using a single image.


If you’re interested in creating an HTML email signature, read our post on How to Create an HTML Email Signature.

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